I run workshops for people at all levels of interest and experience in ceramics.  I can run simple beginners workshops on-site, bringing all the materials and equipment for a small class with me.  For more advanced or varied groups, I can accommodate a small number of students in my own workshop where a greater variety of materials and equipment is available.

I usually start beginners with making tiles and some of the work is shown here. These are made from clay rolled out like pastry into slabs. The students can then make patterns on the surface and cut out tiles in various shapes. After biscuit firing they can later be decorated further and then glazed.

More advanced students I encourage to make vessels, usually again from slabs, but the 3D challenges start to come in then: Measuring, Cutting and joining pieces together, preserving patterns and motifs across a join and so on.

Some students make sculptural work. The work can be figurative or abstract. My granddaughters made the piggy banks!

Everyone comes with different ideas anyway ... and I regard it as my job to help them discover their ideas and make them a reality in clay and glaze.  ... The results are always interesting and sometimes stunning.  

Some of the tiles and sculptures shown here are the results of working with a group of dementia patients in Sunderland. 


This is a new set of workshops aimed at artists who have not had much (or any) exposure to ceramics in their training More info Here


If you have any questions about workshops then please get in touch.