Tea Bowls

This is a favourite form and I have made dozens of these objects. each has a different shape, colour, surface, size and weight. Some will appeal to you others won’t. Picking it up and holding it is the best way to find out.

When making functional ware I am strongly influenced by the japanese concept of wabi-sabi , a set of aesthetic principles rooted in Zen Buddhism. These ideas stress simplicity, traditional materials and beauty arising from well executed functionality.

I try to make these bowls as interesting, unusual and satisfying to hold or use.

Each piece is unique and I spend much of my time thinking about and creating that uniqueness. I mix my own glazes and each firing yields new insights, new delights (and one or two problems , true, but I learn from everything I do)




Tea bowl in stoneware with Yo Thom glaze
Tea bowl in speckled stoneware with tin glaze
Tea bowl with thumb Indentation
Tea bowl in oatmeal and Wax resist