Other Work

I'm always experimenting and a new idea pops into my head it usually gets into the workshop pretty fast, maybe stopping off at the sketchbook on the way.

The 'Planter-pots' as I call them, are meant to be functional, for kitchen herbs and small indoor plants that would normally be in a pot parked in old saucer on a windowsill. My pots have a trough built into the front of the square container, with holes to the main chamber which can act as drainage if you are watering from the top, or a reservoir if you are watering from underneath. They are glazed underneath so that don't need that old saucer and they won't wet your windowsill or stain your table.

The bottles came from a request from a designer who had decorative skills but had never made ceramics. I made bottles for her. She decorated them....and, alas, took them away... so I made some for myself and experimented again with glazes and textures and motifs. I particularly liked the way that an iron-rich clay reacted with a shiny white tin glaze to produce beautifully speckled results ... made stronger by longer times at the high temperature of the glaze firing (Potters call it 'soak' time).

Bottle with badge
Two Vases
Two Bottles
Planter-Pot in Terracotta
Planter pot like building
Vase with cobalt scribble
Tenmoku Bottles
Tealight Holders
Toast Rack
Wood-Fired Platter
Wood-Fired Vases