Spiral Forms

The work shown here is the result of a long journey of exploration and research. It started when I was very taken by the work of another ceramicist: Linda Dangoor and wanted to make something similar. As my own ideas developed around this kernel, the shapes became more and more like natural forms. I have investigated a little of the mathematics of nature to help me set out the shapes of the vessels and the slopes of the spiral fins.

Although most people think that the work most closely resembles sea shells, others have likened the forms to gear wheels, drill bits, mushrooms, bracket fungus and even...Horn Shark Eggs (true!! -- look it up!)

The forms are made with buff or crank stoneware and mostly glazed with a matt or satin translucent white glaze developed by Yo Thom (Look her up -- she's good!)




Spiral Form Coloured
Spiral in Tenmoku Glaze
Spiral with Cobalt outlining
Spiral Form with Copper Outlining
Spiral Forms Outdoors